The Core Fusion range of fluxes was developed for automated cast-on-strap battery manufacture where fast evaporation of the solvent is mandatory. These Core Fusion products can be employed over a range of temperatures to meet the requirement of correct fusion within the lead strap without porosity, fuming and corrosion.

Our development process included extensive torsion, cross-section and plate immersion testing in the field to reach optimum formulation.
All products are REACH and RoHS compliant and environmentally safe.


XP1002 is a water-based flux specifically formulated for the manufacture of lead acid batteries, promoting fast wetting and brighter solder coating. Due to the flux free acidity, it has an immediate pickling effect at room temperature starting on oxidised metals. XP1002 can be used over a range of temperatures from 280 to 480°C. The exceptional water solubility makes complete cleaning easy.


  • Water-Based Flux
  • Excellent Pickling Power
  • Manufactured Without Hydrobromic Acid
  • Fast Wetting
  • N-Methylpyrollidone (NMP) Free
  • Colophony Free
  • Easy Cleaning

CORE Products